Our Values

We live them every day in everything we do.

MILLER’S GRANT team members are committed to these core values each and every day.

Service and Commitment

Through our commitment to serve, we give of ourselves in the daily performance of our duties and interactions. Realizing that our actions reflect the organization’s reputation, we are strongly committed to our jobs, our residents, each other and ultimately, our mission.

Growth and Learning

Learning is a lifelong process and each day provides an opportunity for growth. Staff accepts the challenge and responsibility of mentoring each other, as well as students and volunteers. The organization encourages continuing education and provides internships and learning experiences, in cooperation with colleges and schools, to train in the art of caring.

Compassion and Care

Recognizing that each of us is God’s child, equally important to the Creator, compels us to render excellent care with genuine compassion. Each individual is affirmed as a whole being comprised of body, mind and spirit.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Our ministry of caring is most effectively accomplished through teamwork—the combining of individual skills, talents and expertise in an efficient and cooperative manner. We expect each team member to contribute wholeheartedly, in the spirit of positive collaboration.

Respect and Dignity

Appreciating our varied perspectives, choices, and unique views, we value all people and work diligently to hear and understand others. We interact in such a way as to preserve each other’s dignity and honor individual personal experiences.

Pride and Fulfillment

We take personal and professional pride in making a positive difference in the lives of others. Residents live, staff members work, and volunteers serve in a pleasant and supportive environment that sustains and fulfills.

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