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January 19, 2021

Health Talk: Common Foot Disorders and Foot Care

Learn about common foot disorders and foot care from an experienced local podiatrist, Dr. Marc Lipton, who provides care to some of our residents.
December 8, 2020

Health Talk: Ergonomics and Posture

Sheetal Patel, our director of rehabilitation, provides information you need to know to about ergonomics and tips, including exercises, for improving your sitting posture. Watch the video or read the transcript below.
December 3, 2020

Sugar Scrub Stocking Stuffers

Make your own sugar scrub stocking stuffers!
October 6, 2020

What is Active Aging?

Leading an active aging lifestyle can help keep you healthy and feel happy and can lead to increasing your wellbeing, ability to be active longer and recover from an illness sooner as well as reducing your risk for falls and getting a chronic disease (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure).